Amusement Park Stories

STAGE 2 – Years 3 & 4

After a warm summer’s day the amusement park has ground down to a halt, as this giant playground of fun is slowly put to sleep. The fairy floss machine is cleaned and now dormant. The tunnel of terror is no longer terrifying but just still and dark. The ferris wheel capsules gently sway in the warm evening breeze. All is quiet, all is calm … Until a group of bored children emerge from the gammon planetarium which is the only thing left open and unchecked for stray public as no one ever goes in there. What happens next is up to you when the amusement park is now yours for the evening. Together we will create our park and characters and explore their moments together.

Stories from this Program

The Mysterious Land

By Jaxyn, Year 4

The other foods are hunting us down. There was four of them: the all seeing leader, noodle squid, pizza grenade, and spider burger.

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Parramatta’s Female Factory Institutions Precinct, tucked into a particularly picturesque corner of Parramatta, is a place rich in history and memory. It’s a history that our program this year connected with - inviting students to consider the living traces of that history around them.  The results we collected into an especially beautiful publication, available now in our bookstore, featuring full colour art prints and poems created by our students.  Buy at
The class of 2021! These miraculous young people, in the midst of disrupted learning and all the stress of 2021, somehow have written a novella or poetry chapbook as part of our Year of Poetry and Year of the Novella year-long programs.  Their words are as beautiful, moving, funny and wise and they are. We actually couldn’t be more proud.  Today we celebrate them and their manifold achievements.
We're thrilled to share that with the support of Clarity Pharmaceuticals we are recruiting a dedicated Indigenous Storyteller to deliver high- impact, term-length writing programs supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island young people  Clarity Pharmaceuticals Executive Chairman, Dr Alan Taylor, said he was excited to support Story Factory after growing up in community housing in the Redfern area.  ‘My grandparents, after immigrating from Europe after the war, were some of the first people to move into the McKell housing commission units in the early 1960s and lived there until the 90s. And my earliest memories as a child were living on the 14th floor of the Daniel Solander building in the Waterloo Housing Complex. This experience has given me a unique understanding of the area compared to many of my peers, especially of some of the difficulties some children face through no fault of their own, whether it is a lack of resources, or not knowing where opportunities lie.'  READ MORE: