Big Projects

Our big projects bring students together from different schools to create an exciting public outcome.

Often run in collaboration with other arts organisations, these projects are a rare opportunity for students to take part in something big. All projects have big finishes – culminating in books, exhibitions, publications, films and events. We love them and most importantly, so do our students

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In a Flash

In a Flash is a Story Factory project, inviting you, (yes you!) to become a published author. All you have to do is follow the writing challenge instructions and submit your writing!

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For thousands of years people have known about the beneficial effects of reading and writing: bibliotherapy. But what about Instagram therapy? And what happens when you combine the two? In a Story Factory Big Project for 2019-20 teenagers are writing...

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We're Writing to Say

We’re Writing to Say... is a Story Factory project that aimed to creatively document the lived experience of young people during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the shared experience of a truly unprecedented year, the project connected young people with...

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Art Write Light

Art Write Light is a free creative writing project curated by Story Factory, that connects Australian artists with young people in an explosion of creativity over three colourful years. This project creates opportunities for students to creatively respond to the...

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CineVerse is a Story Factory Big Project spanning four high schools in Western Sydney, five emerging film-makers, over 80 poems and up to 20 short films. Cinematic in both scope and vision, CineVerse allows teenagers from widespread communities to use the language...

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Marvellous Birds

Marvellous Birds is a creative writing and storytelling project for Years 5 and 6 students. It investigated the feathered beauty of some truly incredible birds. Through carefully scaffolded creative writing activities, students explored themes such as community, camaraderie, displacement, environmental change, migration...

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Our Collections, Our Stories

In this Story Factory partnership with the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA) and the State Library of NSW, students are immersed in a world of books and history. In site visits to the Library, students will create a collection...

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10th Anniversary Writing Prize

Story Factory 10th Anniversary Writing Prize ‘Voices in the Wind’ Supported by UBS Entries open 1 April - Close 31st May

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A User's Guide to a Pandemic

A User’s Guide to a Pandemic was an idea that started during the national lockdown in 2020. The idea was simple – that young people needed to write about this. Four writing centres for young people across the country joined together...

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Art and the Institution - Female Factory

The Parramatta Female Factory is an important site in the colourful history of colonial New South Wales. Since 1821 it’s been an orphanage, prison, asylum, medical facility and school. In Art and the Institution, Story Factory has partnered with the...

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