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Young writers (aged 7-17)

Get Your Start as a Professional Writer

Story Factory is seeking young writers (aged 7-17) who love writing and have something to say to submit their writing for publication for our newest program – Factory Feedback.

This program is designed to support, champion and amplify the voices of the brilliant young people of Australia.

We will work with you to edit and develop your writing (both fiction and non-fiction) and then publish successful submissions on our website, as well as pay a small honorarium for your work.

We’re looking for shorter pieces suitable for publishing online on our website. We’d love to read your three-volume novel but it’s a bit tricky to publish online so we may suggest publishing an extract of longer work submitted. Up to 1000 words is a good fit, as a guideline.

We’ll ask for your name, age, address and school to check your eligibility for this program as part of the application process.

Factory Feedback  is our vote of confidence in the voices of young people.

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Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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Stories from this Program

A close call of a shark chose surfboard over human by Natalie

By Natalie, Year 6

On the first of may 2022 a girl that lives in Hawaii is called Natalie that’s 12 had a close call of  a shark, while she was surfing at High...

Amy Loves Appapa by Alexandrina

By Alexandrina, Year 5

Amy loves Appapa I mean so do I But Amy loves him Up to the sky   She is a true Appapa follower From head to toe But maybe she follows...

My mothers makeup, my makeup by Alexandrina

By Alexandrina, Year 5

my mothers makeup, my make up sometimes I put too much my mothers makeup, my make up I always need that extra  touch   from lipstick to eyeliner then Mascara...

DETAIL TO DETAIL by Alexandrina

By Alexandrina, Year 5

I feel the gentle breeze in my face as I go through the life’s incredible maze I feel lost but the minor details are there to help the wind blows the...

The Door by Kanvi

By Kanvi, Year 6

The atmosphere was thick. The street lamps stood silently, stubbornly shining into the night. The sky was pitch black, the lamp’s resembled stars, illuminating their value in the night sky....

Inequality in the workplaces by Fatuma

By Fatuma, Year 9

Women’s rights are human rights so why are we still fighting for our rights? We should have them already. women have a high chance of being harassed, assaulted, being looked...

The Unknown by Ishan

By Ishan, Year 6

It was a cool, early summer morning. Birds were chirping and the rustle of the trees filled the boy’s ears. He sat in his room, looking out the window, enjoying...

Emmeline by Rumaysa

By Rumaysa, Year 7

Disrespectful sun. It’s too cheerful today. He wishes the sky would send down torrents of rain instead to extinguish the living hell he knows today will bring. Unlike every day,...

My nightmare dress by Nancy

By Nancy, Year 7

Once a lady was lying down in her comfortable bed and then she remembered a very embarrassing moment which was when she was in a wedding and she and another...

The Fun They Had by Iftekhar

By Iftekhar, Year 8

Today was the 17th of April 2277 which is Tom’s birthday. Tom invited his friend Margie to come over to his house. Tom was extra excited today because there was...

Air Hotel 3000 by Iftekhar

Year 8

Today would be the maiden voyage of the Air Hotel 3000. It will fly from Australia, over the Himalayan Mountains across the Atlantic Ocean and finally it will land in...

Stickler by Iftekhar

By Iftekhar, Year 8

It’s an ordinary librarian job, but there’s so much to organise, Hermoine thought as she drove to work. She was looking forward to fixing up the adventure section and maybe...

Joxo turned into a horse by an evil witch by Natalie

By Natalie, Year 10

Once there lived a riches boy named Joxo in town that had a special crown until a bad witch came with her broom and said pass over the crown. Then...

Tokyo – World’s Largest City by Joshua

By Joshua, Year 10

The capital of Japan and the world’s most populous metropolis, Tokyo is 13,572 km^2 in size and located at the head of Tokyo Bay, in the Tokyo prefecture at 35.6762°...

Post-Colonialist Texts by Joshua

By Joshua, Year 10

The post-colonial text ‘Bora Ring’ by Judith Wright explores a unique aspect of Australian identity by communicating her perspective on the British colonisation of the former. The poem speaks about...

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