Inside Out

Years 7-8

Three Week Program

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? Ever felt that someone judged you? This workshop gives students an opportunity to look beyond our everyday appearances and imagine other people's experiences. Students will develop a portfolio of writing including monologues and short fiction. Sample Outcomes - Australian Curriculum

  • Create literary texts that draw upon text structures and language features of other texts for particular purposes and effects (ACELT1632)
  • Experiment with particular language features drawn from different types of texts, including combinations of language and visual choices to create new texts (ACELT1768)
  • Create imaginative, informative and persuasive texts that raise issues, report events and advance opinions, using deliberate language and textual choices, and including digital elements as appropriate (ACELY1736)
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Stories from this Program

Growth Mindset

By Trixie

“In a growth mindset people realise that they are capable of changing and growing their most basic abilities, like intelligence and talent, through effort and dedication.”   Some people are...