Secret Life of Stuff

Stage 2

February 14 – March 4, and March 14 – April 1


Ever wondered what happens in your home or classroom when the lights turn off? Do you think the objects we interact with daily are happy about the job we give them? Students will investigate the Secret Life of Stuff, bringing character and personality to their everyday surroundings. Students will investigate writing techniques such as character development and voice, anthropomorphisation, and text types such as lists, timetables, letters, postcards, and picture books. 3-week workshop series 

  • Block 1: From Week 3 to Week 5 (February 14 – March 4)
  • Block 2: From Week 7 to Week 9 (March 14 – April 1)
Workshops run for an hour once a week on whichever day suits within each block. All workshop series are available  in both the first and second blocks. Apply Now

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