We're Writing to Say

We’re Writing to Say... is a Story Factory project that aimed to creatively document the lived experience of young people during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the shared experience of a truly unprecedented year, the project connected young people with each other: building empathy, embracing inclusion and providing a forum for them to share their stories and reflections. Buy the book  here.

Proudly funded by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.

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Stories from this Program

Museum of Me: Untitled

By Dario, Stage 3

Shoes I love shoes and my favourite pair would be Dior Jordans, because they’re expensive, comfortable, and look nice. They have Dior print on them and are grey, so they would look clean with everything.

Museum of Me: Untitled

By Jonathan, Stage 3

Golden Necklace This golden necklace has a pattern of two gold chains and then a silver chain. The cross is outlined with crystals and enclosed with gold.

Museum of Me: Untitled

By Annalise, Stage 3

Punching Dummy My punching dummy has a black, round base and a tall, black body. My object is important because I like fighting, and when I fight, I feel calm.

Museum of Me: Untitled

By Nicholas, Stage 3

Botanical Boots Botanical boots are boots that are made out of metal to handle and take in any type of temperature. This is important to me because it reminds me of the shoes that I used to love. I use them when I go to countries with specific temperatures.

Museum of Me: Untitled

By Anthony, Stage 3

Communion Relic Special to me, I got it when I was 8 and it is a gray rectangle.

Museum of Me: Untitled

By Paul, Stage 3

Dog My dog, very smelly, as smelly as a piece of garbage. Cute as, cute as a super super cute puppy and very, very hairy. Black hair, very skinny. Why my dog is important to me is because when I am lonely he keeps me company, and he is funny.

Museum of Me: Untitled

By Tomi, Stage 3

A Sculpture of Atkin This sculpture is special because he is one of my closest mates and he helped me through my childhood and was really nice to me.

Museum of Me: Untitled

By Maryana, Stage 3

My Harry Potter Book Collection My book collection is a rectangular shape that’s dark blue with gold stars. It has all the Harry Potter books and feels very smooth, just like the back of a piece of foam. It smells like cardboard and you can’t taste it.

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Today is National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day. This year's theme is 'My Dreaming, My Future'.  At Story Factory we believe in the power of storytelling and we are so privileged to work with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people who carry with them the stories of their family, culture and Country. Today is a day to celebrate these young people and acknowledge the importance of elevating their voices and the stories they tell.
We were so excited to welcome young writers from across the country into our Parramatta Centre on Tuesday for the announcement of the winners of our writing prize!  Congratulations to all the shortlisted young writers and to everyone who submitted their writing. There were 154 submissions overall and the judges were extremely impressed by the high quality of the writing. Twelve pieces were shortlisted in four different age categories and have been published in the special 10 year anniversary edition of The Best of Story Factory. Two pieces were chosen as the overall winners of the competition as well as winners in each of the four age categories.  The entries ranged from the story of a waffle gaining consciousness, to the imagined voices of flowers and trees, to powerful reflections on grief. This competition aimed to celebrate the voices of young people who aren’t heard loudly enough and we are delighted to publish them in our 10th anniversary anthology and share their voices with the world!  You can see the full list of winners and buy your copies of the anthology via the link in our bio.
Don't forget to join us on Facebook live at 4.30pm today for the very special announcement of the winners of the Story Factory 10th Anniversary Writing Prize and the launch of our special 10 year anniversary edition of The Best of Story Factory.  This two-volume publication - one for younger readers and one for older readers - brings together some of our favourite bits of writing from our first decade, including all the winning and shortlisted entries from our writing prize.  These are now available to purchase on the Story Factory bookshop via the link in our bio.
Join us online next Tuesday 26 July at 4.30pm for a very special announcement of the winners of our writing prize and launch of our 10th anniversary edition of The Best of Story Factory!  You can pre order your copies today via the link in our bio!