Three confessions and a strategy


I’m admitting upfront to three things.

One: I’m pantser, not a plotter – the minute I have a vague idea of a plot, I start writing even if I don’t know how it will work out.

Two: I never write to a daily word count.

Three: I generally spend two-thirds of my writing time on producing a draft, and one-third on editing.

The Pen to Paper Challenge is therefore tricky for me. To reach my 20,000 word commitment, I must set a daily target, and that’s going to result in a fast first draft full of more pantser insanity than usual, which will make editing a torturously long process.

I’m afraid I have only one trick up my sleeve to achieve this: discipline.

Discipline means doing what I’ve said I’ll do. Discipline keeps me writing even when I’m not happy with the result. Discipline means accepting every pesky new idea has merit, even though it may nevertheless get cut at the 11th hour.

What I’m really saying is that a first draft is allowed to suck – that’s why it’s called a first draft.

It’s during editing that the magic happens, so my advice to everyone on the journey is KEEP GOING.

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