Meet Adeline

May 2016

Adeline is one of those tutors who will probably be horrified to find herself recognised like this, which is why we snuck a photo off Google search rather than asking her for one.

She's here all the time, and in a huge variety of capacities. She's a spectacular tutor, and often throws herself into the most challenging workshops we run with humour and patience. She is a constant friendly face in the shop, and has been known to type up a storm at the end of term when the deciphering of student handwriting is called for. She once even brought in free cupcakes for all the volunteers in a workshop as part of a volunteering role she was engaged in somewhere else!

If there was a Volunteering Greatest Hits magazine, Adeline would be on the cover - thank you for your tireless and always smiling efforts here Adeline, you're a star!