Meet Alicia

January 2016

Alicia has been helping out in workshops for well over a year, and has always been willing to travel afar in the name of story writing. 

Last term, she went above and beyond by being the only volunteer to commit to our pilot series all the way out in Campbelltown. The students fell in love with her kind and patient assistance and her unfailing sense of humour.

Alicia's awesomeness peaked in the final presentation week when, due to miscommunication, Richard and Russ turned up almost an hour later than expected. Undeterred, Alicia (who is not a teacher, by the way), led the very engaged students through a completely impromptu story writing session. The topic? "Why are Richard and Russ running late?" The stories included zombie spoons, shrink rays and lots of killer lady beetles - and a whole lot of laughs.

A disaster elegantly averted and for this, and many other great workshop sessions, Alicia is our Volunteer of the Month - thank you Alicia!

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