Meet Andrew

AndrewLade (1).jpg

Throughout August our Mission Control Craig was embedded deep in Stanmore Public doing a teacher prac, working with a Year 6 class under the supervision of their class teacher, Andrew Lade. Andrew is a fantastic teacher, always thinking of ways to engage and support his students, and doing so with a great sense of humour and care. He spends lots of time after class working with other teachers in the school on strategies to better support the students, and is beloved by the school AFL team who he takes to school sport.

Andrew says, "Having started my teaching career in high school, one of the greatest aspects of teaching in the primary years is the pastoral side to the role. Connecting with the students in order to build strong relationships and a sense of community in the classroom is paramount if students are to be effective learners." Craig learned a great deal about teaching from watching Andrew interact with his class, and so we salute him for his terrific passion and hard work!