Meet Anne

We are always honoured when a teacher happily allows us to come in and take over their class for a writing workshop, and this year Anne Christofides is allowing us to do that once a week at Canterbury Boys High throughout the whole year!

Richard has had the privilege of observing her great care and skills first hand and requested we honour Anne here, but this is what Anne has to say about her role:

"Wow! Teaching is such a privilege... I know that sounds cliché but it's the only profession in which I can touch so many lives and have a real input into the development of young people. Sometimes I don't even realise the difference I have made until a past student seeks me out to tell me so and that is always a mind spin (and a grave reminder of how I've aged!). I have been teaching for just on 30 years and one consistent thing is that my students never cease surprising me...being immersed each day in their talent, tenacity, humour and humanity is a beautiful way to spend me work day."