Meet Briana


Briana is one of our 'elite' Novella course students, having committed to an entire year of workshops with the aim of completing a 20-30,000 word novella by Christmas.

She's doing pretty well - at the halfway mark she was up to around 15,000 words of a thoughtful, well plotted fantasy adventure tale. Vivid description is her speciality, and she can get away with slow-moving scenes thanks to detailed and incredibly alive imagery.

She's also our student of the month because even though her workshop starts at 4pm, she's normally here by 2:30pm, sitting in the window up front of the Embassy and working on her writing. Briana, you're an inspiration!

Here is an excerpt from Briana's novella-in-progress:

A slight breeze travelled through the empty streets, faintly disturbing the light fog that hovered over the ground, and softly enveloping the town in delicate white wisps of mist as it curled when the morning breeze passed by.

The small boy quietly wandered the empty streets of the town, his short brown hair swaying in the cool breeze, emerald-azure eyes scanning the familiar, run-down houses he had seen countless of times. The cobblestone streets were empty, since it was so early in the morning. Finley decided he had enough of a morning walk and turned back, heading to where he had started.

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