Meet Fran

MAY 2016

Fran is the Principal of Redfern Jarjum College across the road from the Martian Embassy and she teaches there on many days too.

Since Fran joined the Jarjum team in mid-2013 she has been a strong friend of the Sydney Story Factory, making as much opportunity available for the Jarjum kids to get involved with our programs, whether that be here at our place or onsite at the school.

As a result, we've been able to see many of the Jarjum kids again and again, helping them - along with the wonderful teaching staff there - to find their voices and explore their creative side. Fran and her team work tirelessly to give their kids the best chances to make positive and powerful choices, and to be their best selves, and we're so proud to be a small part of that vision.

Fran, we know how hard you work and how lucky your kids are to have you looking out for them - keep up the amazing work!