Meet Gillian

Gillian has only been with us for a year (in fact, it's her one year anniversary next Tuesday!), but she's squeezed in about a decade's worth of hours in that time. She's helped out immensely in the retail area (with all the typing, admin and cutting up of robot bird anatomies that can come with that role), she's tutored a huge range of students across a spectrum of workshops - including heading out ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT all the way to Ruse to help this term (that alone would get her Volunteer of the Month, really) - and she's even cameoed in a workshop as a publishing expert to talk with students about the process of publishing a picture book.

Gillian is patient, has a terrific sense of humour, and works hard to ensure her students are creating the very best writing they are capable of (and sometimes a little bit more). Gillian, thank you so much for your continued efforts and time, we appreciate it so much.