Meet Jack

When Jack first arrived in May last year, he was one of the most literal kids we had ever met. His mum warned us that Jack, who is on the spectrum, struggled to write fiction because he had trouble comprehending things that weren't "real". As true as this proved to be, Jack was keen and determined to find a way into his imagination.

In the middle of his third term, he looked up at his tutor in the middle of a workshop and said, "What if the hermit crabs eat something strange, grow really big and evil, and go and rob a bank so they have enough money to buy toys?" It was the start of something special, and his mum emailed this week to say that on his Christmas holiday, when he finished reading the book he took with him, he insisted on writing a fictional story himself.

Jack, you're amazing! Here's an extract from the hermit crab adventure he wrote last term:

"I bit the legs of the hermit crabs and pulled them all the way back home. When we got home I put the hermit crabs in an extra large cage. They were trying to get out. So I went to the fridge and had a look at what I could see. I found some watermelon.
The hermit crabs' mouths were open, so I threw the watermelon into their mouths and they went back to their normal size. The extra large cage disappeared, all the money went back to the bank, our house went back to normal and the bank went back to normal.
Maybe we should give our hermit crabs to someone else."