Meet Jill & Neil


Jill and Neil Wilson have been volunteering with us since before we even knew we needed volunteers. Jill has been a little like the rock in our stream, steadfastly signing up to workshop after workshop with a wide range of students, and her speciality seems to have settled into those workshops that frighten everyone else.

She's incredible at working with the older high school students, who begin a series with disengagement and occasionally even borderline hostility, and always, always turning them around by the end and becoming friends.

Neil will be a familiar face to anyone who has visited us on Thursday mornings over the years; he's held the all-important front desk post for all that time with a smile and a super friendly greeting to anyone who walks in. He's also played a huge part in our art auctions, to the point of donating his own work for the cause.

Jill and Neil, you've been an immense support since day one, and it's so long overdue for us to say an official thank you, so... Thank you so much!