Meet Keira

MARCH 2016

Keira is closing in on a year's worth of workshops with us, writing up a storm every Sunday even when it's beach weather.

Recently, her mum told her that she now thinks of writing as "her thing", and carries the enthusiasm she displays for her stories here into her home life, so that even when she's not here she's writing away at home after school (sometimes even in beach weather!).

In school life, her new love of writing has seen her leap into extension English, and to try out for positions such as school sports captain as she now has the confidence to write a speech. Keira, you are an inspiration to us all!

Here's an extract from Keira's Fantasy Worlds story:

The next morning their mum, none the wiser of their night time antics, drove them to school as usual.  Bella and Emily excitedly hurried along to class to watch Candy’s reaction when she opened her desk and saw the toad… “I bet she’ll scream so loud the whole school will hear her”, laughed Bella.  They sat down at their desks, waited and watched Candy sashay in, finding it almost too difficult not to smirk as Candy paraded across to her desk as though she was on a cat walk, with her diva like manner as usual.  After two minutes Ms Jessica, the class teacher and a flood of students came into the classroom, Ms Jessica told the class to take out their science books.  So all the students opened their desks, taking out their science books when...

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