Meet Luca

Luca Rizzo.jpg

Luca teaches at Centennial Park School, a wonderful place that works with students with mental health issues and disorders.

We first met Luca when he brought in a small but terrific cohort for a one-off workshop, and now he's bringing in a full class every week. The students have a wide range of responses and perspectives on the world, and Luca works alongside all of them with a wonderful respect and patience.

He says: "Teaching at Centennial Park School is a refreshing experience as we take a holistic approach to supporting young people with their mental health issues. As we provide a personalised wellbeing-based program, we are able to support students in creative and multi-faceted ways that would otherwise not be possible in a busy mainstream school environment. One of the many highlights of our work is to watch a young person, who was previously highly anxious or school-avoidant, blossom socially and find a genuine and happy place at our school."

Luca - thank you for the amazing job you're doing in helping young people find their place in the world, we think you're tops!