Meet Lucie

Lucie Towers.jpg

Usually, near the end of the month, we start conversations around who should be our upcoming superstars the following month. Throughout June, almost every Storyteller came up and, for different reasons, asked, "Can Lucie be Volunteer of the Month next?"

Lucie has been with us for just a year, but in that time has proven to be exceptional in so many areas we're surprised she isn't leading the country.

She tutors wonderfully, she illustrates like crazy (she once designed a cover from scratch, from home, with a 20 minute deadline, for a workshop that was happening in the Embassy at the same time). Lately she's been spending hours of her life editing short films from the OLMC students, and mentoring high school kids in the Novella program.

Lucie, we're humbled and awed by your commitment to out students - thank you so much for everything, and remember us fondly when you're leader of the universe.