Meet Marianne

February 2016

We met Marianne midway through last year after having so much fun with Bella. Marianne is another student with non-speaking autism who writes by pointing out letters on a letter board. 

After a beautiful first term of writing poetry, she wanted to leap straight into film making. She wrote a script, drew ten illustrations, and then - to everyone's surprise and great joy - managed to read the lines of her main character to provide a voice in the film as well.

We're really excited that Marianne is moving up from quiet, one-on-one sessions to our noisy Sunday workshops this term, it's a huge step for her! You can see the film right here, but here is an excerpt from the script:

Suddenly, he sees a pretty girl inside his mind. She looks very calm, gorgeous and one thing that makes him stunned is the way she is dressed. She is wearing tons of leaves on her body. She has no eyes. She has intense necklace that shines radiantly to the whole neighbourhood. She is uplifting the whole room situation. 
He is amazed of her presence. He is not able to speak. She slowly approaches him. She speaks slowly to him. "Enable yourself to be the saviour of the world. You won't be alone. I will be with you most of the time. I will show you how to fight the monsters. I am sincerely hoping that you will be willing to save the earth."