Meet Meg

We're having our cake and eating it too this month, because not only is Meg a fantastic teacher, she's also a wonderful long-term volunteer. Meg has been with us since the start of 2013, and although she doesn't have a lot of space for actual tutoring these days, she still helps out a great deal with interviewing new volunteers. She has brought numerous classes of terrific kids in from her school  - St Patricks in Guildford - and this year also helped us organise the filming of some students for a Western Sydney promo we'll be launching in the near future.


On the teaching front, which is why she's here, Meg is an incredibly thoughtful, patient and supportive teacher, who has gone into battle for her kids when the occasion (often) calls for it. You can see her love for and belief in her students when she brings them in for workshops, and spends her time roaming around as an assistant Storyteller, helping out where needed. About her teaching she says, "It's hard to put into words the joy of being a teacher...but I think the best part is helping each student to find their unique voice and realise their endless potential." Meg - don't stop being spectacular!