Meet Mithuran

Meet our Student of the Month for July. Mithuran.
Mithuran is about to begin his third term with us, after starting here in private sessions through our learning and support needs program. Mithuran is 14 and has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). This means different things for different students; in Mithuran's case it hinders his ability to communicate and express his ideas. Despite these challenges, over the past two terms Mithuran has exhibited a beautiful imagination: writing a creative poem about a wing commander through manipulating paint sample cards from the hardware store, helping to design a choose-your-own adventure story, and last term writing a terrific narrative about an alien who stands up to bullies trying to steal his powers (see excerpt below).

Although some days can be very challenging for him when he knows what he wants to say and just can't get it onto the page, Mithuran persists in coming every week and pushing himself. Mithuran, keep up the great work you're doing, and we look forward to seeing you move from strength to strength with your writing!

"He was hearing a loud noise. It was the mouth of a creature. It was a Stomach! The Stomach is the coldest, most bad alien in the galaxy. He felt scared, because the Stomachs were angry because they have wings but can't fly. The Stomach talks to Alien. He says, "Catch him and play him! Make him walk and jump!"

The two Stomachs grab him and pull his arms. Alien feels happy because he likes his arms being pulled.

The Stomach knows that Alien can fly for kilometres and wants this power. He tries to squash Alien's wings. Alien still feels happy because he likes having his wings squashed. The Stomach feels very angry because Alien is still happy."