Meet Raven Bendersky & Tracey Butler

This is Tracey's second year at PSPS with Kakadu, a composite kindy, Y1 and Y2 class of 20 students. Previously. Tracey taught in England and the students have loved sharing Australian experiences with her at this wonderful school with its own garden and chickens in the heart of Sydney. Her classroom is a fun, lively space invoking the power of creativity and showing the wonderful imaginations of her students.

Raven arrived at PSPS in February this year to take the composite Y3-6 class, Uluru, who have been working with the SSF for almost three years now. Raven has encouraged his students to take responsibility for their work so that once-reluctant story writers who relied on scribes have taken charge and proudly produced their own work.

They are two amazing teachers in a small school that works tirelessly to empower their students to achieve their very best, and we're so proud and thankful to be able to work alongside them.