Meet The Stand Tall Police Officer Mentors


This month, we're celebrating a whole batch of volunteers that just so happen to all be police officers!

When they weren't protecting and serving, they dedicated every Friday morning this term to working with young boys from Arthur Phillip High as part of the Stand Tall program.

They worked with the boys on positive uses of social media, and being your best self online. They took part in drama games, improv activities, and a whole day of filming for our final video. (Did we mention that the workshops would start at 7am?!)

In every workshop, they were models of discipline and focus, but also of care and patience for the students they were working with. They made the term-long program an absolute pleasure to be a part of, and we look forward to seeing them again. Thank you to all the officer mentors from the NSW Police Force Youth & Crime Prevention Command, we feel cooler by association.