Meet Year 9 Students from Chifley College

Early in Term 4 2017 we went into the Shalvey campus of Chifley College to run a two hour workshop, followed by a two hour volunteer training session.

Chifley College Shalvey Campus.JPG

The idea was that the Year 9 students - who self-selected to participate - would have the opportunity to tutor in two day-long workshop projects at neighbouring Willmot Public School.

Sixteen students went through this process, and eleven students tutored their hearts out over those two days of six workshops each. They displayed some of the best tutoring we've seen, and we don't say that lightly. As one of the students said in the orientation, "We're the disengaged students you're talking about, we know what works best!"

At the end of the sessions their young students cried when they had to leave, and largely on the basis of their hard work Willmot has now booked for a term of workshops through the rest of the term, and a full-year program in 2018. 

Shalvey students - a massive thank you from us all for being so enthusiastic, trusting, and totally fantastic role models for your younger friends!

Photo by Ben Rose

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