The Devil and Me

Once, a long time ago, I went to hell. I dug a hole down, just enough for me to go down.  I got there and I landed right at the stinky feet of the Devil. He was a big, strong, red  beast. The devil asked, “What the heck are you doing here?” 

I replied back, “I’m here cos I was bored, and to see if Hell was real.” It turns out it was  real. I saw a park, I saw some monkey bars. It looked all rusted, broken a bit and  missing some bars. 

Then I decided to try and swing on the monkey bars. The bar that I was on snapped and  I fell and broke my arm. I was in so much pain. So the devil decided to help me. He  lifted me up and he used his power to re-heal my arm, and he sent me back up to Earth.  He told me never to come back down here again, because it’s a dangerous place. I was  confused, and thought, What was I doing down there? 

I had asked him seven questions. I don’t know why only seven questions but I think it’s  cos I thought I was gonna die if I stayed down there for too long. The questions I asked  were, “Why did you help me to leave? Why didn’t he kill me? Why did he want me to  leave? Why did he say hell was so dangerous?” 


Proudly funded by the NSW Government