Colour Poem: Untitled

Blue, calming as it falls outside
Feels cool as it surrounds my body
Looks like life as I gaze at it
Tastes of salt, as I gurgle it accidentally
When I dunk my head in the ocean
Reminds me of home as I splash around at the beach

Yellow is nasty as it pierces your body
Feels like thorns being abruptly shoved in your skin
Looks like tiny devils that make something delicious
Their honey is sweet, and trickles down my face
Reminds me of torture as the stings never stop.

Green is calming as I run barefoot on it
Feels painful as I prod it, appearing on my skin
Looks sour, as her eyes fill with envy
Tastes sour as I shove it down my throat
Reminds me of memories while I rub it softly.


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