Fictional Story: Untitled

One day I was at school in maths class during period four. On the other side of the school there was construction work happening, then all of a quick sudden, the whole class could hear a huge breaking sound of a huge bark tree, which looked old, dark brown with red sap all around – looking like the tree was bleeding. Then all of a sudden, a bang! Which made the windows shake and shatter glass all over the carpet.  

The whole class was in absolute shock. So before we all started to freak out and scream our heads off, we carefully got all of our stuff and headed out of the classroom. As we were walking to the office to get help and a first aid kit, I could hear these birds. I knew they were birds because of the way they sounded. They were calling out my name, saying, “Hannah, it’s going to be okay!” I turned around to see if I could see the birds but as I turned, there were no birds there. 

So I guess that I will never know where that sound came from! But the main thing is that  I am safe, and everyone else is safe!


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