Life of Refugees

Explosions howled across the vast land surrounding me. Bombs invaded my country. As humans shouted for survival, I ran for the wooden deck just above sea level. A boat almost full, was drifting just near. My hear ached with pleasure. I have found a boat to sail away with. As I walked withe high speed to the boat and got on, I felt at ease. I felt safe. But as I looked back at my land, my country, my home… Everything was damaged. EVERYTHING. The grass, our home, even the animals. 

And so, my journey began. The boat startled me when it started moving. But as a few minutes passed, I got used to it. The adults on the moderate sized boat won’t allow me to help move the transport. I really wanted to help though. The ripples of the water, the waves, the motion was calming to stare at. As more waves passed, the more I got lost in my thoughts. Me, Martina Ali, a 14 year old is now going to become a refugee…I’m not prepared for all of this, I never was… Why would I dream of leaving this place? My home is now ruined. I have no choice but to flee.

A deep sigh comes out of my mouth as I come back to reality. Huh? I’m at school—A classroom?  Wait what… Was I daydreaming about when I came from Qatar to Australia again? Oh. I must be spacing out again. Anyways, back to focusing in class. The teacher stared at me as I came back to my senses. ‘Sorry Miss- I won’t space out again..’ I stuttered out of my mouth as I looked at my teacher with mercy. I don’t want to go to detention please I thought. A medium voiced sigh came out of the teachers mouth. She pointed straight at the door sternly, signaling that I am welcome to going to the office or detention. Shakily getting up, I headed straight for the door. The room sat quietly, as I entered.

Yep, I’m in detention for just thinking about my back story. I bet Qatar is not so strict with students! Honestly… It was better I didn’t stay there. But I love my home country too. Turns out there was just a random guy firing bombs everywhere. Nothing else, no war, just a single man firing bombs he stored around my home and casually fired it. I want to get revenge, but how!? I just want people to understand my pain, the fear I went through… Total Idiots! They will never understand. Humans are just so toxic! Ugh…


These stories were written in our Factory Feedback program, which was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.