Mood Poem

The local playground.
I looked around through toy binoculars. I then see a flash in the corner of my eye.
I look back to see what it was. It was my friends walking towards me with some sort of animal being dragged on a leash.
They finally arrived after I stared at them for the whole time. I greet them and realise that the animal was Jonah’s Aunty’s dog. I start petting her.
I then lean in for a very violent and aggressive sniff.
I sniffed Jonah’s Aunty’s dog’s hair for minutes upon minutes until I finally had enough hair in my nostrils. I now want to eat some pasta so I kneel down and crawl all the way to where my parents live.
I knock on their door.
My mother opens the door and before she can welcome me I say “Pasta!”

She started levitating and led me to the kitchen. She opened up the refrigerator and grabbed the pasta. She gave it to me while staring at me with super wide eyes. I then leave and eat the pasta. It was fantastically delicious.
After I took my first bite, I wanted to go to Jonah’s crib. I arrived and at the same time I arrived at Jonah’s crib, I finished my second bite of my pasta.
I knock on Jonah’s door and he flies out of the front window, breaking the window in the process.
He tells me to come in so I walk through the broken window to unlock the front door.
I walk outside again and walk through the front door.
Jonah follows me inside while watching me aggressively. He then pulled out the water gunanad shot his mother.
I started crying because Jonah slipped over the water that landed on the floor after ricocheting off Jonah’s mum’s nose hair.


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