Mood Poem: Untitled

Nails scratching on the blackboard,
irritating, makes me cringe
frustrating, annoying
Vacuuming the house
boring to keep moving your hand
People keep on talking, boring
and I never get to talk,
can’t even understand what they are saying
I wonder and I think about peaceful things
that have happened in my life
when I smell lavender
going to school, seeing my friends,
amazing because they make me laugh,
care about me and help me
My room; a place which I can think of good times
I have a table that I can draw on during sunset
Creative arts, my passion,
it makes me feel energetic, my favourite thing
My school, a place where I can learn
meet my friends, very fun,
the sounds of pens writing
My dance studio where I learn to dance
and improve it
makes me happy
Spending time with my family
loads of fun and makes me feel joyful 


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