Movie World Alone

Going to Movie World has always been my dream, and finally I am going there. My and  my sister jumped in the car and we knew it was going to be an action packed day. We  were too excited, and we couldn’t wait to get there.  

When we arrived, we went crazy. I could see kids and teenagers going on rides. The red  and blue rollercoaster was very strong, loud it was flying and turning sharply on its rails.  I tried out the chair swings, and I was screaming and extremely happy, and I had  butterflies in my stomach. I could smell the fragrant smell of caramel popcorn in the food  stalls. We ran off to every ride and did all of them by the afternoon, and then we  realised, our parents weren’t with us!! It was terrifying to be alone in the middle of the  road, no one that we knew or no one to talk to.  

We were so intimidated by everyone standing around us. There were strangers  everywhere. We saw a helper but we were too scared to go talk to him. Then I  remembered I had my phone, I dialled my dad’s number and then he reached  immediately. This was a very adventurous, amusing but terrifying day. My phone, my  lucky phone, it saved us from getting lost that day.


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