Museum of Me: Untitled

Object: Perfume

I have my collection of perfumes, I love all of them, and I also had my favourite perfume but I forgot the brand. It was the oval bottle, it has the silver colour wrapped around the pink in the middle. The smell of that perfume was very nice, I really love it. It smells like mixed flower and candy, it is sweet and fresh. I used it every single day. It makes me feel comfortable and confident when I go out. I can feel my fragrant smell, it also makes me feel fresh, clear and ready for life in the new day. I brought it with me from Vietnam to Australia. 

Object: Ring

I really love jewellery, but what I love best is this ring. I started to wear the ring when I was in grade four in Vietnam and now I’m in grade 10. The ring was very simple, and I bought it off an online shop. It’s only black, but when I wear it I feel like I have something to protect me all the time. Now, I have lost it, I’m so sad. I have a new purpose for a new ring, it’s from Daniel Wellington. I love all the collections from that brand.


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