Museum of Me: Untitled

Object one: Teddy fluff

This historic piece of fluff was from a four year old’s teddy bear that she got when she was born. The bear was a dark brown colour and it had a pastel coloured ribbon. It got burnt in a bonfire at a skatepark. His name was Remmy, and she carried it everywhere.

Object two: Baseball bat

This chipped red and white baseball bat was from a nine year old girl. Most people think that the chips are form hitting the ball but they’re actually from hitting it against the floor. She hits it against the floor in a rage. She goes in a rage whenever the ball doesn’t go far or the ball is caught.

Object three: Emerald Dragon

This significant emerald dragon was a part of a small girls life. She got it when her father went away on a business trip to China and sent it to her, but it got lost in the mail and got sent to the neighbours house. A month later, the neighbour read the letter, and saw that it was meant for the little girl.


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