My Statement: Untitled

I’ve spent time growing up in Kogarah, I have been to all different places in Australia, I  have been to many different schools. To my world, I bring singing to my life, acting to my  life and I bring confidence and looking after myself to my life all the time. Memorable  moments of this year include my first date at the movies, getting my apple watch for my  15th birthday, the first time I slept over at my best friends house. As a result of this year,  I hope that the coronavirus will end, I hope that I can see my old friends again and  I hope that everyone gets better for me, and for the whole world. 

In the future, I will become some sort of teacher, I will pretend to be famous like an actor  and a singer. I will always be loving towards myself, my family and friends, I will always  be loving towards my teachers and my school and I will always love my home. 


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