My Statement: Untitled

I am a twin, I have always loved creative arts, I have been learning and working at my  desk a lot this year. To my world, I bring the ability to be good at creative arts, the ability to be good at sports and the ability to bring my confidence and helpful personality. 

From this year, I’ll remember how I celebrated birthdays and celebrations over zoom, I’ll  remember the coronavirus, I’ll remember this wonderful writing workshop. I hope that a  coronavirus vaccine gets made, that all the people that have passed away because of it  come back and I hope that I go to India. 

In my future, I will become an artist, I will learn how to do coding and programming. I will  become a dancer, and a performer on stage and I will be amazing at writing books. I will  always be with my family, I will always love my art pencil, I will always be with my friends.  


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