My Statement: Untitled

To start off, I have just started high school this year and so I have cooking classes that  have allowed me to cook for my family and show them (let them taste) my  masterpieces. This includes my special stuffed potatoes.  

Secondly, as always I have been working hard to achieve my dream which is to become  a cricketer and play for Australia. Although there is the Corona Virus, I have been trying  hard to practise everyday which also brings me to my next point.  

Corona virus is something that has happened this year, and I really want it to finish. This  is because a lot of people are dying and that is very bad. For example, some of the very  big stars of the movie industry have died. Lastly, if my future self is reading this, I just  want her to know that my goals for the future include writing books, doing coding and  making programs, and playing cricket for Australia, which I think you already are. 


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