My Story: Untitled

Rosie is a pure-bread Bengal cat and Bianca is a mixed short hair. Bianca was rescued, when her owners put her whole family out on the street. They fight ALOT. Rosie is six, and Bianca is one and a half and they live together in my house.

Bianca: Rosie found the possum I left. I sort of want it back, but I know that won’t happen.

Rosie:Bianca found me. We’ll need to wage war. I know what Rosie’s thinking, I can strike first.

[Biance slashes at Rosie, Rosie’s tail bushes up, she gets scratched on the nose. Rosie runs to the trampoline and climbs onto the playhouse. Biance slips on the chicken wiring and grabs onto Rosie, claws out.] 

Bianca: Gaah!

Rosie: Ouch, get off!

[Bianca releases as soon as she’s stable, and realises…]

Bianca: I forgot the possum! I can get it!

[Bianca runs to the possum]

Bianca: I dont even want it, I’m going inside.

[Bianca walks to the glass doors, and accidentally knocks herself unconcious, after hitting her head on the door.]


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