My Story: Untitled

In adventurous Thailand, glamorous Indonesia and fantastic Bangkok, I found a lot of  interesting things. I found this beautiful, dotted elephant in the souvenir shop in  Bangkok. When I got the elephant, my brother Cody said, “Tahlia, if you flip it, it opens a secret passage.” 

I said, “Where does it it lead?” And he said to Thailand. So I flipped it and went to Thailand! 

One night when I was going to have dinner at a restaurant, I ordered fish and chips and while I was eating my dinner, I heard the sound the crashing waves were making, swoosh and crash. While hearing the waves, I finished my dinner, it was gooooood.  

“Yum,” I was with my mum, dad, brother, sister, nan and pop and aunty. They all went back to their cabins. Me and my mum, dad, brother, sister all shared cabins. 


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