My Story: Untitled

Starting on a skateboard for the first time was pretty hard. I didn’t know how to do anything. But I had to learn. So I started learning all the basics, riding and Ollies (making the board come off the ground). First, I had to get used to standing on the board. Then I moved to some rough cement. Learning to get comfortable on the board was pretty easy but now I needed to learn how to push, learning how to push was a little hard because I fell a lot. Eventually, I could ride and push at the same time. After that, I needed to learn how to Ollie. First, I started on the smooth grass. I didn’t know how to do it, so I watched some tutorials. After I went back outside to the grass and tried it, and  it worked. I then went to the cement and tried it standing still; that also worked. I then tried it rolling; it was hard but I got it. Starting to skateboard is hard, but worth it. 

Now here’s a story of my progression. 

I was at Rooty Hill skate park and I was there with two friends, Dakota and Jonathon. There were some other people there. Skateboards and scooter’s. I was really excited to start riding so I got straight into it. First I started on the little hip (a hip is a bulge in the  ground) and then went to the bowl. The bowl was pretty boring so I moved to the ledge. After the ledge, I went to the half pipe. Again, I was pretty scared but I tried it. Surprisingly, I was pretty good at shuviting (turning the board around) on the edge of  each ramp. Overall, it was amazing.


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