My Story: Untitled

“Come on, Nate!” Yelled Nate’s mother. “If you don’t get up, you’ll be late for school.” 

“Yes, mum.” Nate says as he gets out of bed and dresses up for school. “Okay bye mum, I’m leaving!” 

“Alrighty then, bye.” 

Nate runs out the door towards the school until he passes a secular golden statue in the shape of an egg. As he looks at the statue, he notices a sign reading: 


“Luck? AHAHA there’s no such thing as luck. But I’m bored, so whatever, I’m just gonna rub this bogus egg.” 

Nate rubs the egg just for it to let off a mesmerising glow. “Huh? That’s it? Ah well, time  to go to school.” On his way to school, Nate notices a lottery shop. “Well, might as well buy a scratch-it card.” 

(After purchase) 

“Three gold coins to win, huh? okay.” 

Scratch, scratch. 


Scratch, scratch. 


Scratch, scratch. 

Gasp. “No…way. I…did… it. I DID IT! This has got to be the work of the egg. Every day I’m gonna rub this egg for luck. Because I, Nate Bieber, will be rich and powerful!” 

“Okay, so first order of business: time to change my name legally to Justin.” …and that’s how Justin Bieber was born. 


Proudly funded by the NSW Government