My Story: Untitled

Part 1 

My step sister and my three brothers were in the pool. I went to go get on the wet  ladder. I slipped on the concrete and banged my head on the metal fence. 

I screamed and cried, my siblings went to get my mum. When the ambulance got to my  house, they took me to the hospital and I had to stay there for a couple of days. 

I had surgery because the x-ray showed nothing. So I got a surgery to see if it was  broken or not. I found out that I had fractures in both bones. Then I had to stay at the  house for a couple of days. I got a lot of attention which I hated, it made me mad that I  broke my arm again.

Part 2 

I was jumping off the trampoline onto the pool floaties, and my brother pushed me off, I  landed on the concrete and on the way down I banged my head on my basketball hoop.  I broke my arm in the same place as the last part. I had to put a metal plate in my arm,  otherwise I would have to have casts on my arm for my entire life! (I am a great liar). 

Part 3 

I was showing off and then I fell off the balance beam, doing a cartwheel, and broke my  arm again!


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