We publish thousands of stories each year, all written by our brilliant students. Here’s a selection of what they’ve been writing across our workshops.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Rafael, Stage 3

Boredom is cleaning your room Rage is people bullying Annoyance is people using drills Unhappiness is taking out the rubbish.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Selina, Stage 3

Boredom is cleaning my room Rage is hearing babies cry Unhappiness is not being able to see my friends Annoyance is being close to a loud TV.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Zara, Stage 3

Boredom is doing the dishes Rage is loud TV Meanness is people fighting Annoyance is babies crying.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Alexia, Stage 3

Rage is beeping the horn Annoyance is an alarm going off Unhappy is when you break things Meanness is putting rubbish on the floor

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Charlotte

Meanness is putting rubbish on the floor Rage is beeping the horn at other people Annoyance is a loud alarm going off in the morning Unhappiness is cleaning up your room.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Alyssia, Stage 3

Annoyance is frustrating because you can be annoyed with your cousin, or friend, or when you hear the vacuum. Boredom is annoying because you have nothing to do and you have no one to play with. Worry is scary because I hate the doctor’s, even though they help our lives. Loneliness is boring because you can’t go to Queensland or Aquatopia.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Valentina, Stage 3

Annoyance is frustration, anxious and angry Rage is vacuuming, surprises and worry Meanness is being cranky, emotional and hurtful.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Jessica, Stage 3

Meanness is when people get hurt Annoyance is hearing a baby crying Rage is alarms going off Worry is when you're having a fight battle.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Maryam, Stage 3

Annoyance is mopping the floor Meanness is people getting hurt Unhappiness is an alarm going off Rage is a baby crying.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Marcel, Stage 3

Rage is when you’re angry and you’re Hulk Smash Loneliness is when you are lonely and have no one to play with or talk to Meanness is when someone is bullying and not being nice Annoyance is when someone is annoying you and it’s not fun.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Jasmine, Stage 3

Annoyance is Juston, Kevin, & Joshua Worry is not knowing what I have to do Impatience is waiting in a long line at an amusement park Boredom is being stuck in quarantine because of COVID-19.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Hailey, Stage 3

Aggression is losing a Fortnite match Annoyance is Kevin, Joshua and Juston Boredom is cleaning my room

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Gianni, Stage 3

Boredom, nothing, empty, unloading the dishwasher, chores. Rage, swears, impatient, waiting in line, hearing screeching and shouting, anger. Impatience, waiting for the new Star Wars movie for six months, trying to find leaks.

Mood Poem: Untitled

By Alana, Stage 3

Boredom is cleaning my bedroom Loneliness is lockdown Annoyance is atrociously loud chewing Impatience is waiting for the school bell to ring

Museum of Me: Untitled

By Kevin, Stage 3

Goblin The goblin is short, has long ears, and a sharp nose. It wears a tiny shirt and has sport pants. It is mostly brain dumb as it only likes money. It spends most of its time eating chicken nuggets. It smells like a garbage bin. It’s important as it grabs me food and makes money for me. Also it is cheeky and steals random cans of food.