We publish thousands of stories each year, all written by our brilliant students. Here’s a selection of what they’ve been writing across our workshops.

I am Poem

Year 9

I am a person living on Mars selling oxygen to others.

I Survived Online School!

By Leo, Year 9

‘More online school…I really hate it.’ I opened my eyes and stared at the usual old white ceiling. It is always the same ceiling, no colour change, no added texture, just the same old boring one. I groaned.

A Zap of Illuminating Cyan

By Saniah, Year 9

With a zap of illuminating cyan Astrid’s cognitive implants summoned a platinum-glazed automobile; levitating, luminous and in all its glory.

The Gold Adventure

By Malia, Year 5/6

The king awakens, angry to see his special gold had been stolen. He secretly watches as his servants furiously clean up. Their jaws dropped when they saw King Tut’s gold...

Troy’s Tale of Bob Marley

Year 5/6

Bob Marley never imagined he would meet his ancestor that wet Friday afternoon, but the ancient power trapped the drum and other ideas...

To Save a Life

By Grace W, Year 8

I sat down on the bus, avoiding eye contact with anyone. I fingered the collar of my nurse’s uniform nervously. I was always heckled whenever I caught the bus, but with my car out of service I had no choice.

Six Weeks Later

By Ella, Year 8

I’m reluctant to start this story because I’m worried people won’t believe me. Sometimes, I don’t know if I believe it myself.


Year 9

After Debert Towney Jason finished his work, he walked to the bus stop with a tired feeling and yawning sometimes.

The Weeping Diana

By Hiba R, Year 8

I’m not sure of what exactly happened that day, but I do know it was something to do with my dear mother, Princess Diana.

Friday Night

By Riyam, Year 7

It was a dark, stormy, Friday night. I was really bored, so I decided to turn on the TV and watch a movie.

Protest Poetry: Untitled

By Parsa K

I'm just an ordinary man from a different land. Happiness, joy and love is what I see around me but because one person's personality we are all perceived as this angry, violent society with a lot of disunity.

Earth’s Last Day

By Andre K, Year 7

There is darkness all around me. I’ve been drifting for five hours since the accident. I look back, I see my home planet. It is covered by darkness.

The Childhood Dream

By Ortiz T-H, Year 7

“DING”, goes the kitchen timer. My wife, Shrek Wes, has just finished cooking. I remember that we ate roast lamb that night. My kids, Issac and Rocky, came to get me for dinner.