Sisters for Life

When I was alone in our bedroom

after a bad day at school, you were there

When I would cry, til death you were there

When I would sit alone in the dark you would be there

Now I promise that I will always be there for you

You always have been my family and always will be,

You mean the world to me and you always will,

That’s how you should know our sisterhood is true,

We will be sisters for life no matter what happens

If one gets stabbed we will both feel the knife.

I will help you smile when you fight with me and Dylan

I will help you laugh when you want to cry

I will be the one to listen when no one else will

I will be there with you in both good and bad times

I will give you a hug when you feel down and need one

I will know what’s up when no one else does, even when you don’t know

I do care for and love you even when we’re not talking.

To see you hurt, to see you cry, makes me weep and want to die

If we agree to never fight it wouldn’t matter who’s wrong or right

If your broken heart needs to mend I’ll be right there til the end.