The Dapper Narwal

On a Sunday afternoon there was a leaping dolphin that lived far, far away in the zoo that had no visitors, no visitors even went to the zoo. Then one day in the newspaper, it said that the Dapper Narwhal disappeared in the zoo no one knew where it had gone, so I went to the zoo to ask them how it looked and what its name was. The name was Dapper Narwhal and it looked like a dolphin with a moustache, a hat on his head and a one side glass. I told them zookeepers that I will try to find it. The zookeepers believed that I could save the Dapper Narwhal.

I went to the place where it was gone but it was not there then I went to a mysterious place where it was dark with a bit of light only the thing was water. I found the Dapper Narwhal. It looked beautiful like a star in the Milky Way. I took it to the zookeeper in the zoo. It was all over in the newspaper. It said that a boy found the Dapper Narwhal and said, I can come to the zoo any time I want, in the newspaper. The zoo was called Taronga Zoo. They thanked me for finding the Dapper Narwhal dolphin and they told me a secret about the Dapper Narwhal. It had superpower like a superhero. It had  the superpowers like shooting lasers out of the eyes, etc.…! That is a lot of superpowers but i was not feeling happy but i was trying to think about how i can help the Dapper Narwhal  and  i was thinking about something else but i couldn’t stop thinking about how could i get the Dapper Narwhal be saved in future so i thought  to manage a guard for the Dapper Narwhal.

The next day, I was thinking about dolphin security. It could be the guards  who take care of it carefully.  I was thinking that Dapper Narwhal was a friend of mine because I saved it from getting lost.

The next day, I went to the zoo and looked at the dolphin but there were scratches on it. I called the  Zookeepers but they said the Dolphin had that by itself. I said OK but there was something fishy about the zookeepers so i called the vet to heal the scratches and i called the cops on the zookeepers because they are not trying to help that poor dolphin but in the news it came  that the cops found the criminals who hid the dolphin but i found it. They appreciated me because I found out the bad guy and got them arrested for hiding the dolphin and trying to kill as it  is the rarest species in the entire world.


These stories were written in our Factory Feedback program, which was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.