The Driverless Car

The reason I created the driverless car was because I was sick of having to drive myself everywhere I go. After I drive I would always be so tired I felt like falling asleep. Don’t get me started about how sweating your hands get. I hate driving. That’s when I had the idea.. THE DRIVERLESS CAR!

I was inspired by a dream. In this dream it first showed me how tired I always was after driving everywhere. But then it showed me in my car driving, there was something amazing about it though, it was driving itself!!! When I woke up I got straight to building this car! The car took me 1 month to build but I knew it was ready.

Or at least I thought it was ready, on the first attempt  the car crashed itself with the test dummy inside! Don’t worry it’s not an actual person it’s a big rubber doll that’s shaped like a person.  It was too dark outside for me to try and fix the car so I had to wait till the next  morning. The next day I ran outside with my tools to the car. I found out that I hadn’t wired the control system more specifically the navigator wasn’t wired probably so it didn’t get the right directions and that’s how it crashed. Once I wired the nav correctly. I tried it again and it worked!! I was so excited. Now I wouldn’t have to drive myself anywhere. 

When I showed it to my brothers they loved it! “Charlize this is awesome,” exclaimed my little brother Christian “Can we go for a ride sis? PLEASE!!!!” begged  Christian. I nodded excitedly and replied “sure.” And with that my two brothers Luke my older brother, Christian my younger brother and I jumped into the car. This really was my best invention yet!


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