The Lurk


“raindrops paddle on the shed roof”


It was dark and silent. Maybe too quiet. A flicker of light.

I saw him, his spikes frighten me.

His shadow had risen again, time after time it would rise to a new height.

My moods are swinging to run or hide.

I stood up as fast as I could and made my try to run. I was pulled, he pulled
me and said, “No.” After that repeated, “Kira.”

Then I was taped, my mouth forcefully, and my hands and feet had to be tied,
then light with no flicker, then I couldn’t see. I was knocked out too, now to
rely on my mind consciousness.

It’s been what feels like an hour but I’m out blank.
As poison ivy blooms through the window I notice I’m awake.

2:28pm afternoon (pm, or am, I think)
Still dark but less suspenseful and the door’s wide open. Is this a chance? I
rubbed my hands together and undid myself. I could speak. I yelled. The door
slammed. I looked out the window. Where am I? Somewhere different.

I was black and blue as the shed fell apart. I can’t do anything. I was tired. I
fell asleep.

Awaken to birds. I’m free, I yelled. But I’m tied to a tree, still stuck.