Ahh yes, finally I have finished my magnificent creation although it took me 30 years. It is now completely capable of carrying people, said old man file. Now that my time machine is upgraded to the max, it’s time to test out this bad boy. Wrrrrr vvvrrom ching dang ding now let me see if I am in the past or the future. Ummm what just happened? I think I made a miscalculation let me try that again beop lop lang ding.  

Ahhh yes, I have made it back to the past so now let’s see how far I went. Wow only 70 years, well at least it still works. Now I will go to Papa Pes and get me some of their delicious pizza  that was sadly taken away when I was working on my time machine. Mmmm hmm Mmmmm  this is delightful I have no idea why they took this beautiful pizza away from me. Rumble rumble what was that was that an earthquake?! No, that was the bulldozer coming to demolish this place said Papa Pe “what?” exclaimed old man file “yeah, they had this place  under surveillance for quite a while now. There is no point trying to save this building with that machine of yours it will never work but here you can have a lifetime supply of my pizza if you want. Because you’re the only real person that comes here so take this cloning machine and this pizza enjoy. Scram, go eat as much as you like” said Papa Pe “thank you” said old  man file. With that, he left and did not turn back to look at the shop again. 

“That was depressing” sobbed old man file. My favourite pizza shop just got demolished  before my eyes well I guess there is nothing I can do about it now. Zip bip bop blip ding well  “I‘m home and I guess I have a memory of the Papa Pes Pizza,” said old man file  cheerlessly. “Wait where am I. I thought I was home but this is unreal I somehow  made it 5 million years in the future how did this happen!!!!!”. Urgh how did I get here? What happened? Did something happen to my constructiformer? This small piece of cheese caused this, how embarrassing. Anyway, now time to get back to the past.


These stories were written in our Factory Feedback program, which was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.