The Soccer Boy

So let me tell you Yousef’s story with his soccer ball. 

It started when I was 5 years old in Jordan. I wasn’t professional at soccer. My dad and I played soccer in our living room in the apartment. When I arrived in Australia I was amazed that there are big gardens (parks) everywhere with green grass. I was so happy because I can play soccer in a bigger place, like national team players. My mom and dad bought me a soccer ball. I started to practice every day in the park and sometimes in our backyard until one day I was in the park with my dad playing soccer and I fell down on my hand and broke my arm. I couldn’t play soccer for weeks. I even said to myself, “I will give up”. Although I was getting better. But then I thought why would I do that, so I decided I wouldn’t give up and I will work so hard. I will keep practicing and playing soccer when my hand recovers again. My dad and mum promised to register me in a soccer team and they always encourage me to play soccer. I told my dad to take me to the park so we can play soccer again. We play one vs one, we plan to score 10 goals and we train in penalties up to 9 goals. Before I end my short story I would like to tell you a small secret about me, my hero in soccer is Cristiano Ronaldo 🙂 I see him as my role model and want to become a professional soccer player just like him. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best world wide soccer players. He is very famous and plays for Real Madrid club/ team. Did you know that he’s a really fast player? When I grow up, I would like to be like him, a famous, very fast soccer player. 


These stories were written in our Factory Feedback program, which was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.